Your financial support facilitates my writing.

I write what I believe needs to be said. While the world is burning, I am compelled to push the destruction to the forefront of my readers’ attention. There is rarely any money in this. Many humans would prefer to ignore the horror. And, the mainstream press obliges them, refusing to offer financial support to those telling the truth. The hardy grassroots platforms – like the San Diego Free Press, CounterPunch, the Dark Mountain Project, and Earth Island Journal who have been incredibly supportive of my work – rarely have funds to give their writers. me, writing

Meanwhile, writing takes time and energy or what I call “mental space.” Mental space is spending an 8-hour day with my pen-and-notebook instead of online hustling for commercial content writing contracts. Mental space is the freedom from anxiety about where money for groceries is going to come from, how I’m going to pay rent, and how I’m going to pay off my medical bills. Mental space is having an answer when my friends and family ask if I’m crazy as I spend another 40 hours writing for free when I could get a regular job.

Money provides mental space. $5 is a cup of coffee and snack at the Park City Library where you’ll find me writing most mornings. $50 could be groceries for the week. $100 gets me a couple tanks of gas so I can visit places to write about them. $500 is rent for the month. $1000 lets me travel to the front lines of land defense movements, place my body in front of those who would destroy those I love, and write about my experiences as they happen.